Chapter 49-

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Chapter 49-

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Chapter 49

“Who is your mother’s partner”, Rachel asked?

“Sarah Webber-McKay”, Nik said.

“What is your relationship with Sarah Webber-McKay”, Rachel asked?

“We’re lovers”, Nik said eyeing first Elizabeth then his mother.

“When did you last see Sarah”, Rachel asked?

“A week before the shooting at the No Name”, Nik said.

“Did you use Emily Quartermaine to get close to Elizabeth Hardy”, Rachel asked?

“Yes; after the park Elizabeth turned to her grandparents, Emily and Jason instead of turning to where she was supposed to; me”, Nik said.

“Have you spoken to Miss Quartermaine recently”, Rachel asked?

“No”, Nik said.

“Have you spoken to Elizabeth recently”, Rachel asked?

“No I haven’t”, Nik said. “She refuses to speak with me”.

“Are you afraid of what your family’s reaction will be to now hearing your testimony here today”, Rachel asked?

“No”. “I do not care what their reaction is”. “My mother deserved to lose her precious Lucky”. “She abandoned me; so she could come back to Port Charles and marry Luke Spencer”, Nik said.

“Nothing further your honor”, Rachel said.

“Mr. Holmes”, the judge said.


“What do you want me to do”, Holmes whispered?

“Leave him; I will deal with him later”, Laura whispered back.


“Nothing at this time your honor”, Holmes said.

“Ms. Owens”, the judge said.


“The people call Cara Bradford to the stand”, Rachel said.

Cara walked into the courtroom…

“Please stand. Raise your right hand. Do you promise that the testimony you shall give in the case before this court shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God”, the clerk asked?

“I do”, Cara said.

“Please be seated”, the clerk said.

“Miss Bradford did you know Lucky Spencer”, Rachel asked?

“Yes I did”. “We were starting to date”, Cara said.

“Were you present at Lucky’s funeral”, Rachel asked?

“No; I was too scared to be present”, Cara said.

“Why were you scared”, Rachel asked?

“Because both Lucky’s mother and brother threatened my life”, Cara said.

“What did Laura Spencer say”, Rachel asked?

“Mrs. Spencer told me to stay away from her son; that there was someone he was going to marry and it wasn’t me”. “She told me if I didn’t stay away; that I would end up like Mikkos Cassadine”, Cara said.

“Do you know who Mikkos Cassadine is”, Rachel asked?

“Everyone knows who that man is; what he tried to do and what happened to him”, Cara said.

“And what did Nikolas Cassadine say”, Rachel asked?

“He came to my house”. “He was there when I returned from school,” Cara said.

“Take your time”, Rachel said. “What happened when you arrived home”?

“I found my parents tied to chairs and gagged”. “Nik was standing behind them”. “He told me that I needed to see who was in charge”, Cara said.

“What did Mr. Cassadine do”, Rachel asked?

“Two men can up behind me and grabbed my arms and held me”, Cara said.

“What happened next”, Rachel asked?

“I watched as be pulled out two syringes”, Cara said.

“Did he say what was in the two syringes”, Rachel asked?

“Yes; he said that it was a fast acting poison”, Cara said.

“What did he do”, Rachel asked?

“He injected both my parents with a syringe”, Cara said.

“What happened then”, Rachel asked?

“He made me watch as my parents died slowly and painfully, Cara said.


As Mac listened he thought back; and he remembered the case. It was still unsolved.


“What did he do once it was over”, Rachel asked?

“He told me to leave town and never come back”. “And he warned me that if I talked; he’d kill me”, Cara said.

“What compelled you to come forward today”, Rachel asked?

“I recently got married”. “My husband knows the whole story; he told me that he would keep me safe if I chose to come forward”, Cara said.

“Thank you Cara”, Rachel said. “Mr. Holmes”?


“Did Mr. Cassadine say anything else that day”, Holmes asked?

“Yes; he was bragging about how he was controlling his brother and mother’s life from behind the scenes”, Cara said.

“Do you know if Mrs. Spencer knew what was happening at your home”, Holmes asked?

“She knew”, Cara said.

“Can you explain”, Holmes asked?

“While my parents were dying; while I was forced to watch, Mrs. Spencer waltzed in like she owned the place”, Cara said.

“Nothing further your honor”, Holmes said.


“The people call AJ Quartermaine to the stand”, Rachel said.

“Please stand. Raise your right hand. Do you promise that the testimony you shall give in the case before this court shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God”, the clerk asked?

“I do”, AJ said.

“Please be seated”, the clerk said.


“Mr. Quartermaine; why are you here today”, Rachel asked?

“Because today I found something in a safety deposit box in my name”, AJ said.

“Was it originally yours”, Rachel asked?

“No”, AJ said.

“Who really rented the box”, Rachel asked?

“Lucky Spencer”, AJ said.

“When and how”, Rachel said?

“Bank records show that he rented the box in my name 2 days before he was killed”, AJ said.

“Do you know how he rented the box”, Rachel asked?

“The banker’s son was a fellow classmate of Lucky’s”. “Apparently Lucky asked for a favor”, AJ said.

“What did you find inside the box”, Rachel asked?

“A letter; which explains the other items in the box, which Commissioner Scorpio has”, AJ said.

“Will you please read that letter for us”, Rachel asked?

“Of course”, AJ said.


“Dear AJ,

I know that you’re probably wondering; why the charade? I didn’t know who I could trust. Which is sad. I love my dad; but he has been blind to mom’s faults and behavior for too long. I love my mom too; but there is something wrong with her right now.

I love my big brother; but in recent weeks he has begun to act more like his father Stavros and his grandmother Helena. They don’t know that I know; but I’ve found out that they have done some horrible things. The first thing that I found out was that my mom has been making and receiving calls from Sarah Webber-McKay. I had no idea why she would be talking to Elizabeth’s sister.

The second thing that I found out was that my brother is involved in a relationship with Sarah; and is hiding it from your sister. He has been making trips to and from Germany to see her. The third thing that I found out involves my mom, my dad, and Lulu. I found documents as well as DNA results that prove that Lulu isn’t my dad’s daughter. Lulu is in fact Jeff Webber’s daughter. Mom never intended to tell anyone the truth.

The fourth thing that I found out has to do with Cara Bradford. I found out that both my mom and my brother threatened her so that she would stay away from me. It came to light this morning that they killed Cara’s parents. The fifth thing I found out is that Diana Webber and Nik are planning something. I am not sure what; but I think that it involves Elizabeth.

The last thing I found out is the hardest for me to take. I found out that my brother Nikolas wants me dead. If anything happens to me; I ask that you turn everything enclosed over to Mac. And that you protect Elizabeth.

Mom and Nik thought that Elizabeth and I belonged together. Elizabeth was my best friend. That’s all I wanted her to be. And she is a good friend.

Lucky Spencer”


“AJ; why is it that you only now found out about the box”, Rachel asked?

“I don’t access my safety deposit box every day. Sometimes I don’t for months at a time”. “The only time I did was if I has something important that I felt needed to be stored in the box”, AJ said.

“Nothing further your honor”, Rachel said.

“Mr. Holmes”, the judge asked?

“What items were in the box with the letter”, Holmes asked?

“Phone records documenting the calls between Mrs. Spencer and Sarah. Pictures of Nik and Sarah together in Germany. The DNA test results proving that Luke Spencer is not Lulu’s father as well as DNA test results proving that Jeff Webber was Lulu’s real father. A video of the murder of Cara Bradford’s parents. Phone records proving that calls were made to and from Nik to Diana Webber and from Diana to Nik. And documented proof that Nik hired a hitman to kill Lucky”, AJ said.

“Nothing further”, Holmes said.


“Ms. Owens”, the judge said?

“The people rest your honor”, Rachel said.

“Very well”. “Commissioner; you are free to take Mr. Cassadine into custody”, the judge said. “We will reconvene tomorrow morning at 8 am”.

“All rise”, the bailiff said.


“Elizabeth; what do you want to do concerning Lulu”, Diane asked?

“Do you think that I could get custody; I think that Jeff would have wanted her with her brother and sisters”, Elizabeth said.

“I will start filing to get you custody”. “I as well think that Jeff would have wanted you to raise Lulu”, Diane said.

“Jason”, Elizabeth said?

“It’s okay”, Jason said as Luke approached.

“Elizabeth; I won’t interfere”. “I think in a way I knew”. “Around the time that Lulu was conceived; Laura and I were sleeping in separate bedrooms”, Luke said.

“Luke; something about this doesn’t fit”. “Jeff was in love with Sofia”. She told me that he never strayed”, Elizabeth said.

“This is beginning to reek of Helena”, Luke said.

“With possibly a side of Diana”, Elizabeth said. “And I will find out”.



“Thanks for this Robert”, Elizabeth said. “I want you in there with me”.

“That I can do”, Robert said.


“Hello Diana”, Elizabeth said as she and Robert entered.

“What do you want”, Diana said?

“I have a few questions for you”, Elizabeth said.

“Fine”, Diana said.

“Did you help Helena get some of Jeff’s sperm”, Elizabeth asked?

“Yes; why”, Diana said?

“Did you know what she planned to do with it”, Elizabeth asked?

“Yes”, Diana said.

“Why did you help her”, Elizabeth asked?

“Because it would hurt the Spencer family”. “I knew you were friends with Lucky”. “It would hurt him and by extension hurt you”, Diana said.

“Do you know what Helena’s reason was”, Elizabeth asked?

“To punish Luke”, Diana said.

“Did Laura know”, Elizabeth said.

“Apparently so”. “From what I was told Laura made a choice; protect Luke or Nik”. “She chose her son”, Diana said.

“Did anyone else know”, Elizabeth asked?

“I was told that Nikolas knew”, Diana said.

“Did you know that Sarah and Nik were sleeping together”, Elizabeth said?

“No”, Diana said.


“Robert; I’m done here”, Elizabeth said.



Sonny could believe everything that had come out during the trial.

“What are you thinking”, Kate asked?

“Luke and what came out about Lulu today”, Sonny said.

“Why don’t we check on Luke in the morning”, Kate said?

“Okay”, Sonny said.


Webber home:

“I can’t believe Nik”. “My god”. “He wanted to take Elizabeth and make us all believe that she was dead”, Steven said.

“He wanted his own brother dead”, Olivia said.

“Yeah; that says a lot about his frame of mind”, Steven said.


Madison Estate:

“What brings you by Diane”, Jason asked?

“We have an emergency custody hearing in an hour about Lulu. You two need to get ready”, Diane said.


Family court:

As Elizabeth and Jason walked into the room Elizabeth was shocked to see Nik present. He was sitting in a chair handcuffed.


“Everyone please sit down”. “We are here to decide where little Lesley Lu Spencer will be staying”. “Normally this would be a hearing for temporary custody; but I have been informed that the child’s mother will be incarcerated indefinitely”, the judge said. Mr. Holmes?


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